The UK Lumineers! Shake Shake Go at La Cigale (May 10, 2016)

La Cigale is a packed house tonight for Shake Shake Go. Fans are searching all three floors for the best spot to watch the band. When they take the stage, the crowd erupts! “Thank you Paris! Merci beacoup!” It’s a bilingual night. The lead singer, Poppy Jones, says she doesn’t know much French, but she is taking lessons and her English accent sounds great.

To put it simply, their music is solid. It starts with pounding beats by the drummer, Khilian Saubusse. The lead singer and lead guitarist each a have drum too which strengthens the sound. Then, bass and acoustic guitar are added (Toby Barnett and Virgile Rozand). Marc Le Goff, the cofounder with Poppy, on electric guitar comes next, often with fantastic solos. And to top it all off are the amazing vocals of Poppy. Her voice is so strong and emotional. They sound a lot like The Lumineers of Denver, Colorado. They both feature a lot of drums and fantastic sing along choruses. Shake Shake Go will surely have as much success as them too!

Track Shake Shake Go on Songkick now and catch them next time they are in your town!

Quinn Delaney


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