Sheer Musical Genius! Disco Biscuits at Red Rocks (6/4/2016)

While it is almost impossible to have a bad time at what many deem the country’s best concert venue, the Philly-based Disco Biscuits sure don’t make it any easier. The jammiest of jam bands, some best describe their sound as “trance fusion”, while others simply to choose to depict it as a multitude of instruments and music genres combined into something particularly unique.

The set list consisted of what even the most die hard Biscuit fan could not predict, and left the audience guessing at every pause. Basic melodies thrown aside, the jam band did what jam bands do best: weave through a variety of spontaneous solos and impromptu sounds that felt as though even the other band members did not know how to react. I did feel that this lack of melody to follow may have bothered some attendees, while I conversely enjoyed the inherent talent and passion within each and every member.

Combine this sheer musical genius with the ambiance of the perfect acoustic surrounding that is Red Rocks and the result is an experience one will not soon forget. It is imperative to also take into account the Disco Biscuit’s utterly amazing light show. Perfectly in unison with the song’s various ebbs and flows, the light’s reflection onto the tremendously high rocks on either side of the stage paints a beautiful portrait in the audience member’s memory forever. Streams of purple, yellow, and blue pour into the eyes of the thousands gathered, whom all alike seem to be clad in casual flip flops and shorts. It’s nearing 70 degrees even as the sun sets over the red slabs, the perfect recipe for a great show. The immediate friendliness of the crowd is undeniable, as most Coloradans shows seem to have in common. Overall the performance and raw talent that the Disco Biscuits elicited proved for another unforgettable show on the Rocks.

Madeline Taber

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