The Multiverse Explored on Stage: Constellations at Steppenwolf Theatre (June 7, 2016)

Constellations is the story of Marianne and Roland, played by Jessie Fisher and Jon Michael Hill, across multiple universes. In the first universe, they meet at a BBQ while Roland is in a relationship, so they don’t connect. In another one, they are both single and they get together. Then, in one world, Marianne sleeps with another man. In an alternate world, Roland is the unfaithful one. The play goes on like this exploring the infinite possibilities of their relationship. It’s just like the improvisational game “Change” where whenever a bell is rung, the actor has to change their last line of dialog, which in turn can change the entire scene. As the options present themselves, the audience can’t help but hope for best possible outcome.

There are many big themes that emerge and big questions to ponder.  Does free will exist? Or, are we controlled by fate?  Do our choices matter in relationships, or will most things end up the same no matter what we do? Can a relationship survive infidelity? Can it survive a life threatening illness?

The actors perform fantastically.  They expertly navigate multiple universes. With just a slight change of tone and a new word or two, they manage to create a completely different feeling for each world. The set is also unique. It looks like constellations and like brain synapses firing.  The entire production is world class.

Get tickets now for Constellations through July 3rd at Steppenwolf Theatre!

Quinn Delaney

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