Millennium Park Summer Music Series: Ryley Walker and Blonde Redhead at Jay Pritzker Pavilion (June 6, 2016)

The Millennium Park Summer Music Series had their first show of the season this Monday featuring Ryley Walker and Blonde Redhead. It was a perfect summer evening in Millennium Park to see two talented acts. The park was filled with thousands of concert goers ready to start their summer in a perfect fashion by going to a free show. Once the first act began, the talking among the people lying on their blankets began to die out.

Walker is a Chicago singer songwriter who has his own unique style which sets him apart from many other musicians in his genre. He is a gifted guitar player who can finger pick in such a way that it would put you in awe, combined with a voice that blends in just right with his skilled guitar playing. He was accompanied by fellow friends and musicians to add more to show. The bass, another guitar, percussion and a saxophone by the end of the show created a full elaborate presence.

After Walker’s set came Blonde Redhead. They are an indie rock band from New York City composed of Kazu Makino and twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace. They have a discography spanning over two decades and own their own sound which they have crafted over the years. Throughout the concert Makino and Simone would switch among vocals as well as instruments. This made for a very interesting show. For instance, one song Makino would be singing and playing guitar then in the next song she would be playing the keyboard as Simone would sing. They played at least ten songs in their set as well as an encore.

The show was an awesome way to kick off the summer. I found myself surrounded by great music and great friends enjoying the summer evening in one of the city’s finest parks. As the summer continues, I plan on taking more advantage of The Millennium Park Summer Music Series, and I encourage whoever is reading this to do the same. Grab some friends, a blanket and some food and head down to Millennium Park, you will not be disappointed.

John Jordan (Intern)

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