Fantastic! Giordano Dance Chicago at Auditorium Theatre (June 11, 2016)

A gospel choir takes the stage and sings beautifully in the dark. Then, the lights come on and the dancers appear as the audience cheers. The dancers then rush into the aisles and continue to dance with passion. Sweat flies from their brows as the audience erupts with joy. The choir is at the front edge of the stage singing their hearts out. It’s a fantastic close to the first half of the show. Nobody will be leaving at intermission!


To start the second half, Feeling Good by Michael Buble plays as the dancers move slowly around the stage. The lyrics slowly build: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, for me. And I’m feeling good!” Then, the band comes in on the recording and the dancers burst to life. It’s an expertly choreographed dance to the song and the crowd goes wild. It’s an incredibly exciting performance and it’s a surprise that it is only taking place this night. It could surely sell out a week of a shows!

Be sure to check out Giordano Dance Company’s and the Auditorium Theatre’s website for information about future shows!

Quinn Delaney


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