Dance For Life at Auditorium Theatre Featuring Visceral Dance, Hubbard Street Dance, Giordano Dance, and The Second City (August 20, 2016)

Dance for Life 2016 was hosted by Carisa Barreca and Tim Mason from The Second City. They both starred in The Art of Falling, a collaboration between Hubbard Street Dance and The Second City. Barreca played the role of “Dance for Life” and exclaimed how many dancers have been “in her” over the past 25 years to the audience’s delight. The jokes continued leading up to them introducing Visceral Dance Chicago.

VDC’s performance demonstrated how accurate their name is; it was very visceral. The music was sparse and the movement was sharp. It wasn’t logical but rather emotional. It was very artistic and stood out as unique at this event.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s performance was also excellent. It featured dancers on ropes repelling off a wall. They moved up and down and it appeared as if they were flying. Also, a man and a woman attached to ropes danced across the stage. She did flips through the air that looked majestic.  The ropes allowed her to defy gravity.

To start the second act, Giordano Dance Chicago performed to the music of Rodrigo y Gabriela. Their music is a flamenco styled rock played on dual acoustic guitars. It’s a very expressive sound that the dancers were able to capture and show beautifully on stage.

The hilarious video, Chicago. Every Day Is A Dance., was premiered to a very receptive crowd. 12 different dance companies were involved in the creation of this video. Just like the Art of Falling, it shows that comedy and dance go great together.

It’s a rare event to see so many dance companies come together on one stage which makes Dance For Life very special. Now, you can create your own season with the Dance Around Town Sampler Pack which allows you to select three different show this fall at a great discount. Get your tickets now!

Quinn Delaney

See our review of Art of Falling here.

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