Dramatic and Humorous! Chimera Ensemble Presents Sister Cities at The Den Theatre (August 26, 2016)

Sister Cities is the story of four half-sisters who come home after their mother’s death.  They are named after the cities they were born in: Austin, Baltimore, Dallas, and Carolina. Mary, the mother, admits Carolina is a state.  “Carolina on My Mind” by James Taylor was “on her mind”. “I think that’s why she always felt a little bit left out,” she says in a flashback scene. The story is a bit reminiscent of The Big Chill, in which a bunch of college friends return to their college town after a friend passes away. In both stories, the characters return to a group they had mostly left behind and the emotions are strong.

Sister Cities deals with some heavy issues very tastefully. Topics such as abortion and assisted suicide. These deep dramatic discussions are mixed in with humor among the sisters who used to be very close. It’s a very intimate show with real characters portrayed fantastically by the actresses and it fits in well at the Den Theatre.  With Hang On To Your Shorts and this production, the Chimera Ensemble is quickly proving itself to be a strong theatre company with a solid foundation.

Get your tickets now through September 18th!

Quinn Delaney

See our review of Hang On To Your Shorts here.


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