Humorous and Dramatic – Visiting Edna at Steppenwolf Theatre (September 28, 2016)

Visiting Edna is the story of Andrew visiting his mother, Edna, who is dying of cancer. To lighten the mood, an actor plays “Television”. She sits on the TV stand and speaks whichever channel they choose. She is constantly joyful and a very humorous part of the show. Also, another actor portrays cancer. He is the opposite of Television, always sullen and gloomy. He always wants everyone to sit around pondering death with the TV off. His character provides some of the funniest lines such as when he says to Andrew “I wish you still smoked.”

This play is a slow burn. It’s one where the characters are developed slowly instead of major events taking place. This is one of Steppenwolf’s greatest strengths. The theatre is small and intimate enough to draw in the audience without flash. The actors are talented enough to play it real without doing the overacting style of a Broadway show.


The set is an impressive sight to see. The apartment building extends high to the ceiling. A bright blue sky with puffy white clouds are above. Notably, actual water falls as rain around the stage and sets the mood for a rainy day conversation.

To end the first act, Andrew and Edna go on a road trip to see a doctor. When they return to the apartment after the intermission, they are at their happiest. They got lost and they had a flat tire. They enjoyed the adventure of these challenges instead of letting them get in the way. It truly brought them closer and it makes them wonder why their relationship wasn’t always this good. This question is thoroughly explored in the rest of this humorous and dramatic play.

Get tickets now for Visiting Edna through November 6th.

Quinn Delaney

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