Intimate and Emotional! Broadway in Chicago Presents Fun Home at Oriental Theatre (November 3, 2016)

Fun Home isn’t your typical big Broadway sing and dance production. Instead, it’s more intimate, emotional, and styled like a Steppenwolf play. Specifically, it shares a lot in common with Mary Page Marlowe. Both shows have multiple actresses playing the same character at different times in her life. Both jump around in time, both forwards and backwards. And finally, both are extremely well written and executed.

Fun Home

Fun Home

In Fun Home, which is short for funeral home, the children perform an imaginary advertisement for the funeral home called Come to the Fun Home. The choreography is so fun and hilarious. It shows off the talents perfectly of the child actors in the show. Everyone had a smile on their face after this funky jam.


Fun Home

Fun Home

Another amazing song is Changing My Major which Allison sings about being excited and joyful after having had sex with Joan. It’s such a fun song about teenage love and self-discovery. It showcases the singing and comedic talent of the actress playing college aged Allison.

For the best song of the show, the youngest Alison notices a butch delivery woman and feels an inexplicable kinship with her (Ring of Keys). The song sends shivers through the audience as she begins to discover herself in this woman. Also, the song sounds beautiful too as it just bursts with joy.

Catch this winner of five 2015 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, now through November 13th!

Quinn Delaney

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