Street Funk! Lowdown Brass Band at Chop Shop Chicago (December 23, 2016)

All the members of the Lowdown Brass Band start at the front door and march through the restaurant to the area in front of the stage at the back of Chop Shop. This is all while playing an instrumental holiday song. It’s a fantastic entrance that gets the audience excited and ready for a rock show. Then, they take the stage and play Christmas in Hollis by Run-D.M.C.  It showcases the unique lineup of this band: a rapper surround by brass instruments and a drummer. It is also the perfect time for a holiday show, 2 days before Christmas.

The band continues mixing in original songs with fantastic covers. The Next Episode by Snoop Dogg with live brass instruments sounds amazing. Even Snoop himself would be impressed. From their 2011 holiday album, “It’s a Lowdown Christmas”, comes Chicago’s Where I Wanna Be. It’s the perfect combination of holiday, brass, and local flavor and it has everyone happily dancing along.  The chorus is fantastically catchy and makes for a great singalong.


The show started soon after 11pm and it is just before 1am when they return for their encore. Everyone sings along together, “Let’s Go Get Stoned”. It’s a great close to an excellent night of New Orleans’s style Street Funk. Another dance party successful thrown!

Quinn Delaney

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