Top Ten Moments of Cirque Dreams Holidaze at The Eccles Theatre (December 29, 2016)

10. Walking in to the brand new building which just opened in October. It’s a modern work of art and a world class theatre.

9.  Walking into the warm building. It’s incredibly cold outside now!

8.   A man balances on a series of balls, cylinders, and boards. It’s amazing he didn’t fall.

7.   A contortionist bends in ways seemingly impossible with grace. Everyone watches with their mouths gaping open.

6.   A man and a  woman do ice skating tricks with a twist. They are on roller skates and they are on a small circular platform. The man spins in a circle holding onto the woman in many varying positions of her spinning further out than the platform.


5.   Then, using a small rope of hoops around their necks, he spins her hands free around the platform while she simultaneously spins around the rope. It makes the crowd dizzy just watching it!

4.   A male and female aerialist ascend on a hula hoop over 20 feet in the air. The man hangs from the hoop and the woman moves around him and hangs from him just using her legs. This is all while the hoop is spinning.

3.   Then, using the rope of hoops around their necks, he spins her hands free. It’s a fantastic sight to see.

2.   An adult lays on his back with his legs up and a child lies on his feet, Superman style. Then the adult flips and catches the kid using his feet.

1.   He then proceeds to flip him repeatedly with one foot at a time. The audience is stunned. It’s incredibly impressive and unique.

All in all, it’s a well put together show with fantastic costumes and smooth transitions from act to act. Get your tickets now for the last two show tonight and tomorrow!

Quinn Delaney

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