Top 9 Punishments in Batsu! at Kamehachi (January 13, 2017)

For most Americans, when they hear Japanese game show, they probably think of American Ninja Warrior, which is originally a show from Japan. However, Batsu! is based on a stranger variety of shows which feature odd punishments. Batsu is the Japanese word for punishment. At Kamehachi, four contestants compete in improv games. When losers are announced, the crowd chants “BATSU!” and the defeated receive their comically abusive punishments.   Here are the top 9 punishments!

9. Dance ballet

8. Eat a spicy wasabi roll

7. Get whacked with a rubber glove covered in powder

6. Eat body sushi off of big hairy guy

5. A chicken man smashes an egg on your head

4. Get snapped by a giant rubber band

3. Put your fingers in mousetraps

2. Drink soy sauce out of a guy’s belly button

1. Get pelted with paintballs (The contestants showed the marks afterwards. Ouch!)


There really isn’t anything much funnier than watching someone get punished by a Asian woman. Catch Batsu! every Friday at Kamehachi in Old Town!

Quinn Delaney


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