Solid! THE GO ‘HEAD SHOW with Mike and Mark at NerdMelt (January 27, 2017)

Mike Obrien and Mark Raterman host this monthly showcase. In the opening segment, they talk about how they just took an improv class. They go ahead and get a bunch of suggestions. Right before they are about to start a scene, they decide to get more suggestions. Once they have way more suggestions than they can remember, they go ahead and bring out the first comedian. Sometimes the best part of an improv show is getting the ideas from the audience!

Brooks Wheelan tells a story about going snorkeling in Maui, while on acid! It’s impossible not to fall in love while doing this. Unfortunately, his girlfriend didn’t feel the same way. She told him they have two different spirits. He said that’s not a problem. Too different spirits, she says.

Ithamar Enriquez then did an amazing movie montage. He put together the music from a bunch of movies back to back while acting out the scenes with his hands as the characters. It included movies from Jurassic Park to Dirty Dancing. It was really creative and it had everyone laughing. It also was a great way to add variety to a show of mostly standup.

Be sure to watch Mike Obrien on 7 Minutes in Heaven and catch The Go ‘head show next month at NerdMelt!

Quinn Delaney

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