Acoustic Folk: Hadley Kennary at Uncommon Ground (January 28, 2017)

In a small, brick-walled room with wooden tables decorated with dim candles, a soft spotlight shines on Hadley and her acoustic guitar. As she’s a Chicago-area native, the room was happy to receive Hadley and re-familiarize themselves with her and her folk/pop music.

Hadley currently lives in Nashville after graduating from Berklee College of Music. It isn’t hard to tell, as her voice effortlessly fills a room—however, it still manages to come off as smooth and soft. It’s incredibly easy to listen to and willing to guide you through the range of emotions in Hadley’s songs. Her vulnerability is palpable in her voice.

As she sings “With Love, From Chicago,” we can sense the loneliness and disappointment of a fading relationship. It is clear from this song that Hadley is a hopeless romantic—a fact that some of us have a hard time admitting. Honesty comes from just her and her guitar with this melancholy melody when, for a short second, she believed that she wasn’t good enough for someone. However, at the end of the song, she realizes that her connection was with the city of Chicago—not a boy. It’s a refreshing example of how all is not lost when you lose track of a relationship. There are other sources of inspiration all around us.

She then went on to sing “Painkiller,” a ballad of desperation. A beautiful melody with a clear sense of suffering and lovesickness, she pines for something that will take away her pain. While this pain is emotional, it is so strong that it is affecting her body as though she is an addict going through withdrawal. She’s pleading for a temporary fix to a long-term problem. Her voice has a pulse in this song as she physically leans into each line with her guitar.

With Hadley’s shy demeanor, it is no wonder that she puts all of her heart in her music. She is a great storyteller—a quality that is vital in a successful song. Check out her EP “Momentum” to hear more of her creative and strong music.

Liz Lawson


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