Dark Comedy! First Floor Theatre Presents Peerless at The Den Theatre (March 3, 2016)

Peerless is about twin sisters, M and L, trying to win The College’s early decision admission spot. When the spot is awarded to the awkward D, they devise a sinister plan to right this wrong. Part of the plan is to get close to him at the school dance, which leads to a hilariously awkward scene. The playing of Get Low by the Ying Yang Twins is the perfect choice for this setting.

Aurora Adachi-Winter and Caroline Chu are delightfully devious as the twin sisters. It’s reminiscent of Mean Girls with their complete disregard for everyone else in their school. The capacity crowd at The Den Theatre is eating it up their deadpan deliveries.


Jesse Massaro is fantastic as D. He plays the awkward teenager trying to be sly perfectly. The simple move of moving his arm so it is around one of the girls cracks everyone up.

Amanda Fink plays the gothic Dirty Girl excellently. Her sharp contrast to the twin’s style is an excellent counterpoint.


Matt Daniels is perfectly subtle as the BF. He plays it straight which allows the craziness all around him to stick out even more.


The production is excellent as well. The sets smoothly transition from scene to scene with the lockers transforming into beds. The use of fog machines, strobe lights, and sound transport the crowd from a room on the Northwest side of Chicago into the high school of the story.

The run is completely sold out at this time, but here’s hoping for another extension of Peerless.

Quinn Delaney


2 thoughts on “Dark Comedy! First Floor Theatre Presents Peerless at The Den Theatre (March 3, 2016)

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