Hilarious! Ben Palmer’s Picture Show at Comedy Underground (March 8, 2017)

Ben Palmer gained some infamy by creating a Facebook page called City of Atlanta and posting bogus updates such as “If you just moved here, please come to our office to pick up your parking ticket. New residents receive one parking ticket to help them get used to life in Atlanta.” He uses a projector to go through the best of the posts and his hilarious response when City Hall asked him to stop. He asked for all his tickets to be absolved, $60 cash, and two free trolley rides.


He then has a bunch of stock photos next for which he has great comments. For the one above he says “I been in this country 7 years. I’ll be damned if they let immigrants come in and ruin my hard work!” In another one, he says “Come join our company, … so we can fire this guy in the middle!”  It’s basically live internet trolling, and Palmer is great at it. Follow Ben Palmer on Facebook!

The Comedy Underground is a great space that is actually below street level. They also have a full food menu with waiter service. Check out their upcoming lineup!

Quinn Delaney

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