Sexy and Funny! French Kiss at The Can Can (March 12, 2017)

French Kiss is so good that it’s almost too sexy! The Can Can is a very intimate room that only seats around 60 people. A thin catwalk runs down the center of the room to a stage on one side. Today, Corey is sitting in the front row and is chosen as the hype man. The host pulls him up on stage and has him duplicate the sexy dancing. He then moves onto the catwalk and has him shake his money maker. The audience eats it up as they laugh and cheer.

The modern soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. It features electro swing songs such as Glam by Dimie Cat which create a fun French atmosphere. It also features “Blood In The Cut” by K.Flay.  It’s a hard rocking song featuring a female lead vocal that is perfect for the dance featuring a woman dominating two men.

Later on, the host discovers that a couple is on a blind date. He pulls the guy onstage and has him sit on a chair. All three women come out and dance around and on him. Then, two long haired large men (the cooks?) appear and dance around him. Finally, the two male professional entertainers dance around and on him. The crowd hoots and hollers the entire time. It is quite an excellent segment that showcases both sensual dancing and comedy.


Get tickets now for Seattle’s sexiest show, French Kiss, through May 28th!


Quinn Delaney

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For the full playlist, copy and paste these codes into Spotify:



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