Top 6 Moments from Giordano Dance Chicago’s 2017 Spring Series at Harris Theatre (March 31, 2017)


  1. The Theme from The Firm starts and the dancers begin joyfully moving. They are all wearing blue jumpsuits and the crowd is instantly engaged. The piece is Grusin Suite and it’s an excellent choice to start the Giordano Dance Chicago’s 2017 Spring Series.  1. GDC's Devin Buchanan in Grusin Suite. Photo by Gorman Cook Photography
  1. In A Ritual Dynamic, Egyptian Disco plays which features a very strong beat. At one point, the entire company is jumping side to side which makes for a fantastic visual.

7. GDC_SneakyPete_MartinOrtizTapia_MaeghanMcHale_Love,LouisePhotography_HighRes (1)

  1. Right after intermission, one small flashlight in the large dark theatre appears on the side of the stage.  A man humorously sneaks across the front of the curtain with the small light.
  1. Sneaky Pete is not a reference to the Amazon show of the same name. But it does feature “I Will Follow You” by Abel Korzeniowski.
  1. Lost in this World starts with “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran and everyone in dance club attire. The crowd immediately applauds as they dance to the beat. “And last night you were in my room, and now my bed sheets smell like you.”
  1. The Man That Got Away is the best piece of the night. Judy Garland sings as a woman dances dramatically while a man dressed in a tuxedo stands still looking off to the left. He doesn’t react at all as she dances around him or even when she runs and jumps on him.  The emotional singing by Garland is perfectly matched by the dancing of Ashley Downs. At the end, she embraces the man, who slips away and walks off stage as the audience erupts in applause!

Catch Giordano Dance next at the Made In Chicago Dance Series at the Auditorium Theatre!

Quinn Delaney

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