Beautiful! Hedwig Dances Presents Of Time And Tide at Ruth Page Theatre (April 22, 2017)

The first piece is titled “Harbor”. It’s a duet by married couple Ben Law and Chih-Hsien Lin. It’s a playful piece in which they explore the push and pull of a relationship. They use brightly colored folding chairs which provide a great visual and an interesting tool to use in their performance.

The second piece, “Four Strong Winds”,  begins with a single dancer on stage. Leaves fall from the ceiling directly onto her. It’s a beautiful image reminiscent of the film, American Beauty. Some of the music used in this piece is also similar to the style of the movie.  Both the dance and the film are magnificent performances.

Towards the end of the second act, “Blues in My Sleep” by James Cotton plays as the dancers carry out a rolled up section of AstroTurf. When it is unrolled, a large shirt is found inside. Two of the dancers exchange wearing the shirt back and forth in very creative ways. The turf is also used creatively to alter the environment of the dancers.  It’s an incredibly fun piece and a fantastic way to end a night of great dancing.


Get tickets now for Of Time And Tide for the final shows this weekend!

Quinn Delaney

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