Review: Irish Theatre of Chicago Presents My Way Residential at the Den Theatre (May 19, 2017)

“I’m not spending one night in this hell hole!” says Willa, a 78 year old woman from Galway about the nursing home she has just entered. Her daughter, Catherine, has other ideas. She is tired of caring for her mother and has more exciting affairs to tend to. Byron is a 24 year old South African working at the nursing home because it is one of the few places he can work without immigration papers. Initially, Willa is very hostile to everyone at the home, including Byron. However, Byron persists and tries to form a kinship with her.


The entire cast is great. Carolyn Kruse (who also starred in Spinning) plays the role of the annoyed daughter fantastically. Belinda Bremner is delightful as Willa showing her displeasure with her situation. Christine Bunuan is excellent as Sister Chang. She lays down the rules and derives great pleasure in enforcing them. Jeff Christian plays the husband of Catherine with a surprise up his sleeve. Lastly, Terry Bell is the star of the show as Byron. It’s very dramatic when he tells his backstory and his acting is spot on.


Get tickets now for The My Way Residential through June 25!

Quinn Delaney

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