Smart & Funny! Death & Pretzels Presents Musical Therapy at Gorilla Tango Theatre (May 25, 2017)

Theresa is a couples therapist hatching a master plan to end up with Mr. Wonderful. Step 1: Get one of her clients to come out of the closet by bringing out “the boys”. Step 2: Break up the extremely kinky couple. Step 3: Break up Mr. Wonderful and his girlfriend disguised as a waiter. Step 4: Re-couple everyone in new relationships including herself with her dream man.


The entire cast is excellent. They fully transform on stage, regardless of how different they are from their character. If you met an actor on the street after seeing this show, it would be hard not to assume they were actually a dominatrix, lesbian, or dumb jock. The keyboard player and drummer are flawless as they accompany the great singing voices of the cast. Listen to demos of the song here.


Will this devious scheme work out? Find out now at Musical Therapy through June 10th!

Quinn Delaney

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