Must See! Remy Bumppo and Silk Road Rising Present Great Expectations at the historic Chicago Temple (May 26, 2017)

Pip is a boy in India being raised to be a cobbler. An anonymous benefactor gives him the opportunity to move to Calcutta (now Kolkata) and become one of the upper class. However, he soon discovers it’s not that easy and he questions if he will ever be accepted as more than just a common Indian boy among the British ruling party.

The story combines a classic English novel and an Asian country.  Thus, it naturally follows that two theatre companies would come together, one that specializes in each of the two parts. Remy Bumppo and Silk Road Rising have done just that and they have done it wonderfully. It’s incredible how well this story fits when transferred to the setting in India with their caste system. Tanika Gupta uses 90% of the original dialog and yet it still feels completely fresh and new.

Anand Bhatt performance is especially impressive. He is on stage for the majority of the three hour show. Also of note, Lane Anthony Flores is hilarious as Herbert Pocket. He brings a great comedic element to the play. In fact, the entire cast does an excellent job bringing this piece to life and making it a must see show of the summer.

Get tickets now for Great Expectations through July 2nd!


Quinn Delaney

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