Powerful! Pass Over at Steppenwolf (June 15, 2017)

Moses and Kitch are a pair of young black men dreaming about escaping to the promised land. They are hanging out on the street corner talking trash when a white southerner approaches them. He says he has lost his way heading to his mother’s house and just wants to share the food he has brought instead of letting it go to waste. Moses is skeptical and doesn’t want to take any charity. Kitch is willing to give the stranger a chance. The intentions of the southerner are mysterious and the audience is left guessing what the real story is.

Pass Over 6

The set is very impressive. A full street is recreated, with asphalt, sidewalk, and streetlamp included. Surrounding the street is sand, representing the desert the children of Israel wandered in for 40 years seeking their promised land (hence, the title).

Pass Over 7

This is not an easy play to watch. It addresses some strong important issues in an intense and shocking fashion. However, it is important to watch. As the program states, the time of this play is “now. right now”.

Get tickets now for Pass Over through July 9th!

Quinn Delaney

2 thoughts on “Powerful! Pass Over at Steppenwolf (June 15, 2017)

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