A Great Love Story! About Face Theatre Presents Bright Half Life at Theatre Wit (June 21, 2017)

Vicky is Erica’s supervisor at work, so she is hesitant to go out with her. Eventually, she relents and they go on a Ferris wheel together. Before long they are in a committed relationship and they have twin girls. Afterwards, they get married. This is the order of events that things happened, but in the play the scenes take place all out of order. They are often short and cut back and forth in time. It’s a lot like an improv show. It’s especially like the game where the last line in a scene has to be the first line in the next scene as they use this technique often. It’s a fresh style of storytelling that keeps on the audience engaged.


The acting is excellent. Elizabeth Ledo as Erica is head over heels for Vicky and shows it expertly through her body language. Watching her beg Vicky to go out with her and then later on to jump on the bed is a joy. Patrese D. McClain portrays Vicky expertly as the hesitant supervisor. Vicky dated a man previously, and McClain captures this in her performance. She’s definitely the more grounded person in the relationship and it’s so real to watch them work things out together. The ups and downs of the relationship (especially the tension caused by Erica’s career path) combine for a great love story.


Get tickets now for Bright Half Life through July 1st!

Quinn Delaney

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