Pick of the Week! Passion Pit and The Kickback at Taste of Chicago (July 8, 2017)

Indietronica legends Passion Pit (@passionpit) and Chicago indie rock staple The Kickback (@thekickback) will be among the bands performing at this year’s Taste of Chicago festival (@TasteofChi).

The iconic Taste of Chicago festival is the largest food festival in the world, and will host over 60 food vendors, five dinners planned by professional chefs, cooking demonstrations, and a brand-new arts installation, which will feature art galleries and live performances. Admission is free but tickets must be purchased to enjoy the food and drink ($10 for 14 tickets).

Cambridge-based indietronica act Passion Pit exploded onto the scene with their singles “Sleepyhead” and “Take A Walk”. Today’s popular electronic music usually falls within one of two camps: sparse, minimalistic post-punk or bombastic, drop-focused bubblegum pop-trap. Passion Pit forgoes both of those styles and combines sparkling, upbeat electronic melodies with intimate songwriting and booming kick drums. While the lyrics are often not as uplifting as the instrumentation suggests, the soulful and vulnerable falsetto of front man Michael Angelakos nonetheless serve to lift up and inspire.

Supporting act The Kickback will also perform at the festival. Based in Chicago, this local favorite indie rock band brings energy, wit, and bravado to the scene. Their music often features dichotomous composition that alternates between bursting Smashing Pumpkins-esque ballads and extended, complex instrumental breaks. The band is also famous for its podcast Disas-tour, in which the band humorously documents its tours on a daily basis. The series highlights the bizarre and unconventional things that influence the band’s music, such as The Muppets or Michael Keaton movies.

Justin Cabrera

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