Hilarious Parody! Broadway in Chicago Presents Something Rotten at the Oriental Theatre (July 12, 2017)

Nick and Nigel Bottom need to come up with an original play quickly. Nick seeks out the help of Nostradamus to tell him about a future hit by Shakespeare. Nostradamus can see the future, but he mixes up a bunch of hit musicals into one. This leads to the song, “A Musical”, which is full of references to other shows. All the musical references in this song and “Something Rotten! / Make an Omelette” have been compiled into this Spotify playlist:

Fun Notes:

Rent – “Seasons of Love” – Adam Pascal (who plays Shakespeare) sings on this song as the original Roger

Annie – “Hard Knock Life” – Jay Z samples this song in his version of Hard Knock Life

Guys and Dolls – “Luck be a Lady” – Frank Sinatra has a great version on his album, My Kind of Broadway


There are many more references to musicals throughout the entire play. This is a must see for any big fan of Broadway. And this line just has to be mentioned: “Don’t be a penis, the man is a genius!”


Get tickets now for Something Rotten! through July 23rd!

Quinn Delaney

Also, see this video of “A Musical” with references here.

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