Legendary! Foreigner at Hunting Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island (August 9, 2017)

In 1976, Foreigner was founded in New York City. In 1978, they toured with Cheap Trick. From 2004 to 2008, Jason Bonham (son of Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham) was the drummer for Foreigner. And now, for their 40th anniversary tour, the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience and Cheap Trick are opening!

Foreigner opens with “Double Vision” which reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for two weeks in 1978. From there, song after song is a huge hit. Everyone there, from young to old, knows almost every word and happily sings along. They have installed their own custom lighting above the stage. It moves up and down and the lights go on and off perfectly with the songs.

Mick Jones, the founder and the leader of the band, is introduced by the lead singer, Kelly Hansen. He steps up and says “I guess it’s time for me to sing one. I thought the first album needed a spacey song, so I added this one.” He goes on to play “Starrider” to the crowd’s delight.


After a strong keyboard and drum solo, they play a very familiar melody. It’s “Juke Box Hero”. The rest of the band enters the stage and the singing starts. “Standing in the rain, with his head hung low. Couldn’t get a ticket, it was a sold out show.” But where is the lead singer? Finally, he is spotted, on a 25 feet tall podium high above the crowd in the back. It’s a fantastic touch and further proof these guys know how to put on a fricking rock show!

For the encore, the Chesterton High School choir from Indiana joins the band on stage for “I Want To Know What Love Is”. It’s an epic moment as the audience decides to abandon their seats and crowd in front of the stage as they scream along to every single word and dance while embracing those around them. “I want to know what love is! I want you to show me! I want to feel what love is! I know you can show me!” They really should have ended the show with this song. Instead, they play one more, “Hot Blooded”. It’s a great song, but after they had a FULL CHORUS on stage, it’s a bit of a comedown. Put this song  first in the encore and you’d have a perfect show. Either way, this was an incredible night of music by one of the world’s greatest bands at a world class venue on a beautiful night in Chicago with everyone in attendance singing all the songs in their heads for weeks to come.


See the full setlist here.

Quinn Delaney

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spotify:track:0fsj3HxzBHev6EJ7OLFE3r spotify:track:5nk6wxUSFUBxUKxjz0fKD6 spotify:track:7vidktgNZFQylTgH1GEnMs spotify:track:2OgVsp77En2nju8pnCieVU spotify:track:4qVhRdxvVdlPn3D0i0UFt2 spotify:track:2xpvmhp8j0UL9mCEqB1U0L spotify:track:36xEjbl8DtevPJgw6i9IuY spotify:track:08onVqQ8YicJ98Ycm1qoLf spotify:track:7Kd39FdvG56h2Nz2I9aY3E  spotify:track:00qOE7OjRl0BpYiCiweZB2 spotify:track:1JLn8RhQzHz3qDqsChcmBl spotify:track:6xMHglHoafdDFGXS6qfwSH


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