Stunning! A View From the Bridge at Goodman Theatre (September 18, 2017)

In 1955, A View From the Bridge was first staged at the Coronet Theatre on Broadway. In 2014, Ivo van Hove’s revival premiered at the Young Vic Theatre in London and later relocated to the West End and Broadway. In 2016, the production won Tony Awards for Best Revival and Best Director. And now, in 2017, it arrives in Chicago at the Goodman Theatre.


Eddie Carbone is raising his niece and the two of them develop a very close relationship.  Perhaps it is too close as Eddie struggles to let her go when she is ready to move out. At the same time, the family welcomes his cousins from Italy.  The cousins entered the United States illegally to work and send money back home home. When one of the cousins starts to date his niece, Eddie gets jealous and the tension starts to build as everyone’s emotions begin to boil. This tension and story line leads to several dramatic scenes that has the audience on the edge of their seat and a finale that is absolutely stunning.


The acting in this production is incredible. Ian Bedford is a force as Eddie. When he starts to lose control in his own house, his anger is palpable. It feels like he could lash out at any moment. To counter him is Andrus Nichols as Beatrice, his wife. Nichols plays the role strong and tough as she pleads with Eddie to let Catherine go. Catherine Combs as Catherine, his niece, is excellent playing the young innocent girl who begins to lose her innocence as the struggle unfolds.

The sound design by Tom Gibbons is exquisite. There is minimal music playing throughout the show that builds the atmosphere. At times, it is just a single drum beat that slowly repeats.  The subtle music gets loud and intense at exactly the right moments. The set design and lighting design by Jan Verswyvled is fantastic.  The slick, modern, and minimal set feels almost like a boxing ring, which is appropriate for the fights that take place.


Get tickets quickly for A View From the Bridge through October 15th!

Quinn Delaney

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