What is Truth? Interrobang Theatre Presents Foxfinder at Athenaeum Theatre (October 2, 2017)

William Bloor is a new Foxfinder. He has been training for this task since he was five years old. His job is to determine if farms are not meeting their quotas due to foxes. However, these aren’t your ordinary foxes. They have supernatural powers such as the ability to change the weather and affect your dreams. On the contrary, there is a movement that says foxes are almost extinct in England. They claim the government is just using Foxfinders to take over farms. What is the truth? Do these monstrous foxes even exist?


Bloor shares many qualities with Chris Cooper’s character in American Beauty. They are both forced by society to live in a certain way that is against their wishes. This restrain leads both of them to shocking climaxes.

The set design by Eric Luchen is fantastic. It looks like they cut a house from rural England in half and planted it on the stage. Oftentimes, it is raining and you can see actual water falling on the characters as they enter or exit the house. The sound design and original music by Jesse Case is also excellent. It sets up the eerie atmosphere and provides great transitions between scenes.


The play does drag on a bit in parts. Perhaps this is because the image of foxes isn’t very frightening. Maybe if it was a wolf or a monster, the suspense would be heightened. Also, the play is a bit long, an hour and 40 minutes, to not have an intermission. But these faults are minor and overall it is a great production.

Get your tickets for Foxfinder now through November 5th!

Quinn Delaney

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