Incredibly Expressive! Giordano Dance Chicago at Harris Theatre (October 27, 2017)

Giordano Moves – 2005 – reconstructed in 2017

This piece is pure jazz dance. It is expertly choreographed by the founder, Gus Giordano, and restaged by his daughter, Nan Giordano. Just like the original music by George McRae, it’s a mix of many people dancing at once and spotlighted solos. And just like at a jazz concert, the solos are followed by a loud applause by the audience. The dancing is incredibly expressive and it’s a great showcase of this company’s talent.

La Belleza De Cuba – 2013 La Belleza de Cuba - MaeghanMcHale&LinneaStureson

The title translates to The Beauty of Cuba. The salsa music starts and the audience is immediately captured by the long flowing dresses. It’s very impressive how the dancers can switch from one style of dance to a completely different one so quickly.

Grusin Suite – 1993 – reconstructed in 2017

The Theme from The Firm starts and the dancers begin joyfully moving. They are all wearing blue jumpsuits and the crowd is instantly engaged. The piece is an excellent choice to start the second half of the show.

GrusinSuite - AdamHouston

G-Force – 2012

At the very end of this piece, a single bright white light shines straight down from the ceiling and the dancers slowly rise up towards it as if they are being beamed up to a spaceship. It’s a very cool visual and a great close to the piece.

Overall, it was an impressive night of dance showcasing the talent of Giordano Dance Company in many different styles and celebrating 55 years since their founding!

Quinn Delaney

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