Family Friendly: Broadway in Chicago Presents School of Rock at Cadillac Palace Theatre (November 2, 2017)

This is a good family friendly show, though they do say “kick some ass” a few times. The play is well adapted to the stage and the new songs fit right in. It’s impossible not to compare the new School of Rock: The Musical to the 2003 film from which it is adapted. A big part of the film is the impressive talent of the kids. In this case, the play does not disappoint. Gianna Harris shows off her great vocals at Tomika. Gilberto Moretti-Hamilton is very impressive as Freddy on the drums. However, Rob Colletti as Dewey doesn’t quite live up to the original performance of Jack Black. He’s missing the enthusiasm for rock and the comedic style. Also, while the children are always playing their instruments, it’s clear that at times he isn’t.

Get tickets now for School of Rock through November 19th.

School of Rock Tour (1)

Quinn Delaney

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