Superb! Maestros de la Guitarra Present the Barcelona Guitar Trio (February 2, 2018)

As you approach the Basilica de Santa Maria de Pi, you will be impressed by the large size of the structure. The concert doesn’t take place in the main room, but rather a small intimate one on the side that has excellent acoustics. The audience fills this room sitting in wooden pews with kneeling benches. The church bell rings nine times to mark the time and then the show begins.

The Barcelona Guitar Trio (Xavier Coll, Manuel González and Luis Robisco) take the stage and immediately launch into a fast paced Spanish guitar song. All three of them playing together creates a blur of quick finger movement and notes that sound beautiful. Next, they each play a song solo showcasing their individual talents.

Besides being talented on guitar, they also have a great sense of humor. Xavier first gives a long intro to a song speaking in Spanish. About one half of the audience laughs at the joke contained within. He then repeats the intro in English and the other half laughs, showing that it is a multilingual audience. Later on, while giving another intro, Luis keeps interrupting him by tuning his guitar loudly. It leads to a very funny back and forth between the two of them and then a melody of fun covers including “Smoke on the Water” and “Mission Impossible”.


The introductions to the songs and the humor make this far more than just a guitar show. It’s an all around great Barcelona experience! Get tickets for Maestro de la Guitarra now!

Quinn Delaney


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