Excellent! Las Guitarras de España at City Winery (February 19, 2018)

Las Guitarras de España is a band that plays much more than just Spanish music. They explore music from all over the world. For example, tonight they play “Galloping Horses” as a tribute to the Chinese New Year. They also play “Su Sueño… My Reality” which is half in Spanish and half in English. It’s a Chicago Spanish blend that is unique and works really well. Also included is some excellent flamenco dancing. The crowd really gets into it by clapping along and shouting “Ole!”


All 13 musicians are having a great time. They are almost always smiling and truly enjoying playing the City Winery stage to a full house. Here is the full lineup:

Patricia Ortega – Vocals

Chiara Mangiameli – Dance/Vocals

Carlo Basile – Guitar

Diego Alonso – Guitar

Colin Bunn- Electric Guitar/Tres

Greg Nergaard – Bass

Kassandra Kososhis – Percussion

Javier Saume Mazzei – Percussion/Drum Kit

Ronnie Malley – Oud/Vocals

Victor Garcia – Trumpet


Gerald McCelndon – Vocals

Chihsuan Yang – Violin/erhu

Here is the full setlist too:

Set 1:

Cada Dia (Patty/Carlo)

Zahma (Ronnie)

Maria La Mariposa (Colin)

Alameda (Diego)

Esperanza (Patty/Carlo)

Hanoi Pho (Carlo/Chihsuan)

Reality (Gerald/Carlo)

Alegrias (Dance- Chiara and GOS)


Set 2:

Mejor Me Voy Mañana (Carlo/Patty)

Mi Pulguita (Diego) *concert debut

Sevilla (Carlo/Alfonso Cid)

Nice Piece/Donde Esta Paco? (Ronnie/Carlo)

Mudanzas (Diego) *concert debut

Cejilla (Carlo/Patty)


Quinn Delaney



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