Gripping! American Blues Theatre Presents Six Corners at Stage 773 (February 24, 2018)

A man is shot on the Western Brown Line station and falls onto the tracks. Two good Samaritans help him back up to the platform just before a train arrives. However, he dies from the gunshot shortly afterwards anyways. Who shot this man? Why did these two help him? These are the questions that two Chicago detectives are trying to figure out. At first it seems simple, but it slowly unravels into a complex and gripping tale.


The audience is trying to discover the truth through the stories being told by the witnesses. Early on it is revealed that the two witnesses know each other but they want the police to believe they are strangers. What else could they be hiding? Also, the detectives have some questionable history. When they learn the victim had quite a rap sheet, it seems like they are more than happy to close the case quickly instead of seeking justice for him.


The performances in this production are excellent. Byron Glenn Willis is solid as B.J. Lyles, a character who is just trying to do the right thing in a tough situation. Lyric Sims is adorable as Yates. She embodies the innocence of youth. Peter DeFaria plays the role of detective Moroni with questionable ethics perfectly. He has great chemistry with Monica Orozco, who is playing his partner, Perez. It’s a complex relationship that they capture expertly. The same goes for the witnesses, Manny Buckley as Hutch and Brenda Barrie as Brackett. Their relationship turns out to be quite complicated. Also of note, Barrie’s performance while telling her story to the detective is emotional and powerful.

Find out the answers to this mystery now and get tickets for Six Corners through March 24!

Quinn Delaney

3 thoughts on “Gripping! American Blues Theatre Presents Six Corners at Stage 773 (February 24, 2018)

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