Darkly Hilarious! Promethean Theatre Ensemble Presents The Madwoman of Chaillot at Athenaeum Theatre (February 26, 2018)

A group of wealthy businessmen are hatching a plan to make them richer. These greedy men wish to dig for oil in the middle of Paris. It doesn’t matter to them what happens to the people and the city after they finished. And, if they have to murder a government official, so be it.  As they say, “dragons must be slayed to reach the treasure”.   Enter the Madwoman of Chaillot, an idealist who wishes to put an end to their evil plot. Perhaps she’ll exterminate all of them. Yes, it’s a dark comedy.


Fans of Promethean’s production of The Liar will undoubtedly enjoy this show. This production is equally witty and hilarious, along with also being set in Paris. The way in which the upper class businessman, played by Jerry Bloom, treats the lower class in this play is so terrible that it’s funny. “Waitress, please tell this woman to leave.” “Roll along now.” “No, I don’t want to read this envelope!” The excellent dialog shines with this ensemble.


Towards the end of the show, The Madwoman jokes about the show being three hours long. However, the show actually ran two and half hours, due to its dense and fast paced dialog. It could have used a slower pace at times. Still, this is a fantastic show and an excellent value at the intimate studio theatre space in the Athenaeum.

Get tickets now for The Madwoman of Chaillot through March 17th!

Quinn Delaney

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