Wonderful! Broadway in Chicago Presents On Your Feet! The Emilio & Gloria Estefan Broadway Musical at the Cadillac Palace Theatre (March 23, 2018)

On Your Feet is the story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan. The show begins with Gloria learning music in Cuba and then shifts to Miami. It is here that Gloria joins the Miami Sound Machine and meets Emilio. The musicians struggle to get their first single, “Dr. Beat”, on the radio, as there is resistant to play a song with a Latin beat and English lyrics.  Through hard work and persistence, they eventually gain great success through the song.

However, when they return with their next single, “Conga”, they are again met with resistance. Emilio comments, “They all want something original that everyone already likes!” Once again, they refuse to take no for an answer and the artists turn it into their biggest hit which leads to a world tour. But then tragedy strikes when their tour bus was struck by a semi-truck. This is a very intense scene with bright headlights and the loud sound of a semi-truck expertly recreating the crash.

Something you may not expect from this show is comedy. However, there are many laughs to be had, especially from the character Abuela, which means grandmother in Spanish. Abuela is bluntly honest which has a great comedic effect. In fact, she receives the loudest applause at the end.


The finale is a wonderful mega mix that creates a concert atmosphere with everyone getting up on their feet! Full concert lighting shines across the stage and into the entire theatre. The complete cast comes out to sing a few lines and dance along. The audience is clapping and dancing all the way through to the final jam with the full band at the front of the stage. Everyone is smiling and laughing as they leave the theatre. It’s an absolute must see for fans of Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine!

Get tickets now for On Your Feet through April 8!

Quinn Delaney

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