Charming! Broadway in Chicago Presents Pretty Woman: The Musical at the Oriental Theatre (March 28, 2018)

Vivian Ward, a prostitute, meets Edward Lewis, a wealthy businessman, on Hollywood Boulevard while he is looking for directions. This leads to a deal where he hires her for the entire week. This simple business transaction turns into much more than either of them anticipated as they fall for each other and change themselves for the better. The play very closely follows the plot of the original film, from 1990.

The cast is incredibly impressive. Steve Kazee (Tony Award Winner for Once, Gus Pfender on Shameless) plays Edward Lewis with absolute charm and grace. His singing voice is also grand. Ward  Eric Anderson (The Greatest Showman, The Good Wife) is hilarious as the hotel manager. His comedic prowess is complimented by his bellhop, played by Tommy Bracco. They play off each other very well. Allison Blackwell is outstanding when she performs as the opera singer. Her voice is so powerful that she absolutely steals the scene.

The original music & lyrics created for this show by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance are excellent. At first, breaking out into song in this story seems a little strange, especially since the movie was not a musical. However, as the story builds, the songs fit right into place and are a perfect way for the characters to express themselves.

Get tickets now for Pretty Woman through April 15th!

Quinn Delaney

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