Electronic Soul! Son Lux at Lincoln Hall (March 29, 2018)

Son Lux is the creation of composer, Ryan Lott. He plays the keys along with Rafig Bhatia on guitar and Ian Chang on drums. However, their music sounds much larger than just a trio. It creates a deep atmosphere on top of which they layer melodies and vocals into a very full sound. One of the highlights is a song called “You Don’t Know Me”. The crowd sways along to the beat and some people join in singing the poetic lyrics, “You drank your wine from my heart.”

Before the last song, Ryan invites Juan and Ally onto the stage (at 1:22:22 in the video). They are a very young couple, probably about 20 years old. He nervously proposes and she awkward accepts. Ryan congratulates them and then launches into their last song, “Lost It To Trying”. It’s a rocking song that they extend with a long jam, complete with slow and fast moments. The entire crowd soaks it in happily and leaves with smiles of their faces.

The performance is currently available on YouTube courtesy of AudioTree.

Quinn Delaney

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