Excellent! Refuge Theatre Presents The Spitfire Grill at Windy City Cafe (March 30, 2018)

Percy is out on parole after spending five years in prison. She is looking for a fresh new start, so she chooses a small town in Wisconsin named Gilead because of a brochure she saw. She takes the only job available, being a waitress at the local diner. The owner of the diner, Hannah, lost her son in the war and then her husband shortly after. Now, she is trying to sell the diner, but it hasn’t sold in 10 years on the market. With Percy’s help, they decide to have an essay contest to pick a new owner.


The performance takes place in the Windy City Café, which is not usually a venue for theatre. It’s a small diner which makes for a very intimate show. For those seated in the front row, it may be too intimate, as the actors sing their hearts out only a few feet away. Thus, sitting in the booths is recommended. The performers use a side door that leads straight out to Chicago Ave. During tonight’s performance, after an actor leaves in anger, honking can be heard from the street, which makes for a cool touch.


The cast does an excellent job. Everyone has a great voice, especially Emily Goldberg. They all pull off the comedic elements fantastically, especially Nicole Michelle Haskins. The Music Director, Jon Schneidman, does a very impressive job as he plays the piano, guitar, and harmonica simultaneously!

Get tickets now for The Spitfire Grill through May 5th.

Quinn Delaney

2 thoughts on “Excellent! Refuge Theatre Presents The Spitfire Grill at Windy City Cafe (March 30, 2018)

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