Hilarious! Spring Fling at Second City (April 3, 2018)

A woman is slumped over a couple of chairs, clearly wasted. She yells, “College! Woohoo!” The man looks embarrassed. “Mom, I think it’s time for you to leave.” The crowd erupts in laughter. She goes on to say that she wants to be his Wingmom. “That’s not a thing!” he says. “Sure it is”, she says. “I got the number of that cute girl at the party and put it up on the dry erase board!” This is a great opening sketch that sets the tone for a very funny show.

Later on, a couple is dancing up on each other. The woman is getting low and twerking. The man is right up on her throwing his arms around. Then the announcer says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the father of the bride!” Again, it’s the surprise reveal that a character is the parent, and it works so well in this short blackout sketch.


The parent/child theme continues with an improv scene. A guy is playing a high school kid who asks his father if he should do drugs. The audience member, aka, his dad, says no. But then later, admits that he did drugs, “just the one time”. The kid then asks why he divorced mom. After thinking for a while, the man quietly replies, “because she was a bitch”. Everyone is cracking up, including the performer. He then slowly goes over to another audience member and says, “Hi Mom.” She looks very embarrassed. After a short pause, he continues, “Why did you divorce Dad?” After a while, she finally blurts out, “Because he is a woman!” With hilarious responses like this, improv is easy. He can let the audience members be the center of attention and he does just this with style.

This performance shows why the Second City is famous across the nation for comedy. Get tickets now for Spring Fling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Up Comedy Club!

Quinn Delaney

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