Powerful! Interrobang Theatre Project Presents Grace at Athenaeum Theatre (May 7, 2018)

A married couple moves to Florida from Minnesota for a new job opportunity. The husband’s plan to is buy hotels, remodel them, and reopen them as a chain of hotels for Christians. “Where would Jesus stay?” is his idea for a slogan. In their new apartment building, they meet their neighbor, a NASA engineer and non-believer, who is going through some tough times. He was recently in a car accident which badly injured his face and killed his wife.


This play explores some very deep issues. They have multiple heated discussions about the existence of God. It also explores the ideas of space and time. Events take place out of order and sometimes in reverse. Also, characters appear to be in the same room when they are actually in separate apartments. This all could make things confusing, but through careful design and direction, it works out beautifully.

The sound design by Erik Siegling does a fantastic job setting the atmosphere. These are a few of his original pieces for this production.


The cast is superb. Evan Linder (At the Table and Byhalia, Mississippi) plays the NASA engineer as the strong voice of logic and science. This is in direct contrast to Joe Lino (Fun Home and Chagrin Falls) as the husband, who expertly portrays a “Jesus Freak”. Laura Berner Taylor (Recent Tragic Events) plays the wife who has faith, but she isn’t evangelical. She is on the middle ground between them. Lastly is Walter Brody as the exterminator, who has quite a story to tell.

Get tickets now for Grace through June 3!

Quinn Delaney

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