Horror Done Right! WildClaw Theatre Presents the World Premier of Future Echoes at The Den Theatre (April 28, 2018)

A group of old friends gather for a dinner party in which they begin to see ghastly ghosts. It turns out the ghosts are actually future versions of themselves in a mutilated form. One of the friends has been messily experimenting with time travel. It’s a roller coaster ride of a story that has the audience paying close to attention to figure out just what is happening.

All of the pieces of the production fit together very well. The sound design excellently creates a dark an eerie feeling. This includes the music chosen such as “Everybody Rules To Rule The World” by Lorde and “Sucker For Pain” from the Suicide Squad soundtrack. The lighting design greatly complements this by often going completely dark. All of the actors are equally excellent in their roles. This is a true ensemble piece. WildClaw Theatre does horror right.

Buy tickets now for Future Echoes through May 27th!

Future Echoes Actors Promo

Quinn Delaney

Also see our review of their past production, Alachua County, here.

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