Tense Environment! Shattered Globe Theatre Presents How to Use a Knife at Theatre Wit (Through June 9th)

George is the brand new head chef and he intends to change the way things work in the kitchen. He leads with strict rules and high expectations. When either of these are broken, he responds with yelling frequent profanity. The dishwasher usually responds with silence, but one night he opens up and befriends the chef. They go on to share their dark histories and attempt to help each other get past them.


This cast does an excellent job. Peter DeFaira (Six Corners) plays Chef George as a tough, strict, and mostly unlikable boss. His good side only comes out when he is teaching the dishwasher, played by Anthony Irons, how to cook. Irons expertly plays his role as reserved and mysterious and as someone who could have dark secrets.


Dennis Garcia and Victor Marana play the Guatemalan cooks. They have a great chemistry together as they joke while they work, often in Spanish. Brush up on your Spanish curse words before the show. All together, this production does an excellent job recreating the tense environment in the kitchen of a restaurant comprised of people from all walks of life.

Get tickets now for How to Use a Knife through June 9th!

Quinn Delaney


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