Punk / Pop / Ska! Mad Caddies at Bottom Lounge (June 1, 2018)

After two great openers, Mad Caddies take the stage.  This is their first show since playing at Riot Fest last year and they jump right into it with one of their harder rocking punk songs.  Before long, there is a mosh pit in the middle of the floor.  Later on, they slow down the pace with a fantastically catchy pop friendly song, “Shoot Out the Lights.” It gets everyone dancing around with a smile on their face.

In a throwback to 1998, they launch into “Monkeys,” a frenzied ska song which keeps the dancing going strong.  This band is truly a mix of a many different styles leaving the audience guessing as to what type of song will be next.  Thus, when their set ends, the crowd chants “One More Song!” The encore is well deserved and results in one final mosh pit.  Don’t miss these guys as they tour the country, it’s guaranteed to be a crazy party!

Quinn Delaney

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