A Celebration of Dance! Giordano Dance Chicago at Auditorium Theatre (June 9, 2018)

Giordano Moves – 2005 – reconstructed in 2017

This piece is pure jazz dance. It is expertly choreographed by the founder, Gus Giordano, and restaged by his daughter, Nan Giordano. Just like the original music by George McRae, it’s a mix of many people dancing at once and spotlighted solos. And just like at a jazz concert, the solos are followed by a loud applause by the audience. The dancing is incredibly expressive and it’s a great showcase of this company’s talent.

Feelin’ Good Sweet – 2014

Choreographer: Ray Leeper

To start the second half, Feeling Good by Michael Buble plays as the dancers move slowly around the stage. The lyrics slowly build: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, for me. And I’m feeling good!” Then, the band comes in on the recording and the dancers burst to life. It’s an expertly choreographed dance to the song and the crowd goes wild. It’s an incredibly exciting performance and it’s a surprise that it is only taking place this night. It could surely sell out a week of a shows!

Wings – 1978

Choreographer: Gus Giordano

Giordano Wings (4)

The curtain rises and a gospel choir, The Bourne Family, is on the stage in all white. Shortly afterwards, Cesar G. Salinas dances onto the stage. Salinas retired from dancing eight years ago, but he agreed to return for this performance in honor of Nan Giordano marking 25 years as the Artistic Director of GDC. Despite this long break from performing, he danced as if he was in the prime of his career and the audience responded with thunderous applause. It was both a celebration of Nan Giordano and a celebration of dance itself.

Tossed Around

Catch Giordano Dance Chicago next at Dance For Life 2018 on August 18!

Quinn Delaney

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