Review: Organic Theatre Company Presents Tiresias Was a Weatherman at Greenhouse Theater (Through July 6, 2018)

Imagine a world in which our emotions affect the weather. Imagine if a mentally ill person out of control could cause a hurricane that could lead to destruction and death. What would society do to control these people? Put them on medication? Insert an emotion control computer chip in their brain? Find out now in Organic Theatre Company’s world premiere of Tiresias Was a Weatherman.


The dialog is very dense in this production as they discuss deep philosophical issues such as climate change, mental illness, and many more. At times it’s a bit much to take in all at once. On the other hand, it is very funny, especially when the Greek Chorus embodies the weather as they dance and sing. Also, the name of the main corporation involved is called Crazy Pants Pharmaceutical Company! The cast does a great job tackling this complex script in this ensemble piece.

Note: The closing song of “Where Is My Mind?” by the Pixies is a great choice.

Get tickets now for Tiresias Was a Weatherman through July 6th.

Quinn Delaney



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