A Blast of Fun! New Belgium Presents Tour de Fat featuring Best Coast at Humboldt Park (June 30, 2018)

Upon entering the festival, a small stage on wheels is instantly noticeable. On the stage is a performer doing a Yo-Yo Show. He does many different types of tricks. There is a sign on the stage that says “Camp AF”. They give a family friendly explanation for this abbreviation, but we all know what they mean. It’s a very goofy show that really is fun for all ages.


A highlight of the tour every year is the bike pit. It is filled with strange unique bikes. There is one where pedaling backwards makes you go forward. Another one has the seat going up and down as you pedal. There is a tandem bike where the two people are right next to each other. This takes a lot of balance to get this one going. Another tandem bike has the two people back to back. Another bike has giant tractor tires. Suffice it to say, a lot of time can be spent here exploring all the options.


Best Coast is the headliner of the day. The crowd squeezes up close to the stage to take advantage of the small amount of shade created by the stage. After all, it’s a sweltering 95 degrees. They also gather under canopies spaced throughout the area. Best Coast are from LA, and they like to sing about. “Why would you live anywhere else?” sings Bethany Cosentino on “The Only Place”. At the start of a later song, she forgets the words. So, she invites a bunch of fans onto the stage to sing it for her. They are beyond excited and it makes for a great moment.

Later on she says “I’ll never forget the words to this one” as they start “Boyfriend”.  They have such a great lo-fi party vibe that really captures the Southern California essence and they are a great fit for the Tour de Fat atmosphere!


Quinn Delaney

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