Excellent! Live Nation Presents Charlie Puth at Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island (July 31, 2018)

A large white sheet hangs at the front of the stage. Shadows are seen as the band takes the stage. The excitement builds as they begin to play a long extended intro. At last, the sheet drops and Charlie Puth is standing center stage bathed in bright spotlights. All the teenage girls scream and he begins to sing “The Way I Am” to their delight. It’s a very theatrical entrance that is very well executed.

Puth is very conversational with the audience. This makes it feel like a intimate show, despite it being in front of thousands of fans. He tells everyone about a time he was waiting for a girl to text him back at the Intercontinental in Tokyo. She wasn’t responding, so he decided to write. He came up with “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. Having this song is much better than her texting back, he says.

Lots of girls brought signs to the show. A few of them brought cut-out letters that spelled DOME. “What is dome?” asks Puth. Just as he finishes saying that, he figures it out and starts laughing hysterically. Oh, he says. That’s a naughty sign. At one point during the following song, he spots them again and he starts to laugh and is unable to sing the song for a second. It’s a great moment and shows that he is connecting with his audience.

Towards the end of the set, the band plays the opening notes to “Attention” and the girls scream. About one minute into the song, the bassist steps to the front of the stage and lays down the sick bass line and the crowd erupts into a dance party. This is his hottest song right now and should absolutely be the last song. Instead, he goes on to play “BOY” before he leaves the stage. After a few minutes of cheering, he returns to play “See You Again”. This is a great song that should have ended the set, leaving “Attention” for the encore.

Either way, it was a great show. He’s humble about his success joking, “I’ll be done in 4 years.” With his charisma and song writing talent, he’ll be around for much longer. That is, unless he decides to return to computer programming!

See the full setlist here.

Quinn Delaney

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