Hilarious! Black Button Eyes Productions Presents Nightmares and Nightcaps: The Stories of John Collier at The Athenaeum Theatre (Through September 15, 2018)

Nightmares and Nightcaps is a collection of short plays adapted from John Collier’s stories. They are like the twilight zone in that they usually contain as elements of fantasy, bizarreness, and morality. They all come together in a darkly humorous fashion.

One of the stories is about a man who wins 50 million dollars. His wife just wants to buy a house in Jacksonville, but he wants to travel the world, especially to see mysterious creatures.


Another story is about a couple that is over consumed with thoughts of the death of the other person. They decide to spend 9/10ths of their income on insurance so that they can live with piece of mind. However, it isn’t long before this piece of mind is lost.

The entire cast is excellent. Kevin Webb is delightfully mysterious as The Dweller, aka the narrator. His performance as the seller of potions is spot on and devilishly delightful. Megan Delay (The Liar) is excellent as The Huntress. She drives a man so wild that he wants to be stuffed like one of her conquests just so he can live in her house. Kat Evans as the Bird of Paradise is absolutely hilarious.


Get tickets now for Nightmares and Nightcaps through September 15th!


Cost of a ticket: $35

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It!

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Quinn Delaney


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