Delightful! Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival at Ruth Page Center for the Arts (September 28, 2018)

The Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival takes place over two weekends at the end of September at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts. 16 dance groups perform during the festival. Here is a selection of the best performances from the second weekend.

Aerial Dance Chicago – Blackbird (excerpt)

Aerial Dance Chicago by Michelle Reid

Two pairs of silks hang from the ceiling. The aerialists use these to swing across the stage, climb to the ceiling, and flip upside down. It’s an impressive display of athleticism and grace. On an interesting note, when Ok Go needed to find dancers for their video “Upside Down & Inside Out”, they needed performers who could move in zero gravity. So, they chose aerialists who are used to moving their bodies in the air.

james morrow /  The Movement  – / /

James Morrow 1 by Sara Davis

This solo performance is raw. The Lord’s prayer is being recited as Morrow moves across the stage. He is exploring his relationship with both his Christian upbringing and the Chicago House community in a truly emotional fashion.

MitchellMovement & DancersOut of Pocket

This one is absolutely hilarious. It begins with four dancers portraying slot machines with the sounds of a casino playing. Later on they play “Money, Money, Money” by ABBA as they throw money around the stage. The audience is absolutely delighted. Lastly, “Money” featuring Alan Cumming and the Cabaret Ensemble from the 1998 Broadway Cast Recording plays as they dance around the stage to complete this medley of money related dances. It’s not easy to make dance funny, but this group pulls it off with style.

See our post about the first weekend here.

Cost of a ticket: $25
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It!

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Quinn Delaney

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